dimarts, 27 d’octubre de 2009


Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson are 36 years old. They are from Springfield, a city in the United States of America. Homer and Marge have got three children. Bart is a 10 year old boy with yellow hair. His sister is Lisa, a very intelligent girl. The baby girl is Maggie. Abe Simpson is Grandpa and he is 88 years old. Marge has got blue hair. Her sisters are Patty and Selma. The Simpsons have got two cars, a house, a dog, a cat...and a television.

True or false?

Marge Simpson has got yellow hair.
The Simpsons are American.
Grandpa Simpson is not 36 years old.
Marge's hair is blue.
Lisa is 10 years old.
Marge hasn't got any brothers or sisters.
Maggie is very intelligent.
Patty and Selma are 36 years old.
Abe Simpson has got three children.

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